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Amir Krause
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Smile Re: What makes Aikido unique as a martial art ?

Keith Larman wrote: View Post
What makes it unique? Well, the incredibly high ignorance-based smug factor from some is one identifying feature...

Of course that would never apply to me...
Wayne James wrote: View Post
What makes Aikido unique from what I have seen/experienced is that Aikido seems to be the martial art that generates the most discussion and opinionated comments on whether it is an effective form of actual self defense.I think there was a thread on this site ongoing for 11 or so years discussing this exact issue.Besides that it is an excellent martial art like all others.
Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Summing up what Cliff and Christopher said: aikido is unique because its practitioners are headcases

...or perhaps, a little overly inclined to "practice" in their heads maybe? Either to pick apart their practice, or to shore it up with imaginary buttresses? Certainly there's a ton more hand-wringing and paralysis-by-analysis and "when I'm riding the subway/changing the baby/mowing the lawn, I'm training" in aikido than in any other style I've studied. I don't think that's intrinsic to the style, but it does seem to be very widely tolerated and indulged (where it isn't actively encouraged), so maybe aikido tends to attract those who can't abide being told "shut up and train".
Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
My answer to the thread title is:

There is no martial art where the practitioners exhibit nearly as pronounced a sense of doubt and self-loathing over something they choose to apply a significant portion of their life energy to.

Thanks, I loved reading this

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
What makes a rose unique among flowers? Does that make the other flowers lesser or better?
What makes you unique among humans? Does that make the other humans lesser or better?

Aikido is unique (to me) because it is the one martial art that I was drawn to. That does not make other martial arts lesser or better. If it were like some other martial art it would be that other martial art. And that other martial art, flower, human, is unique because it is what it is. It is not trying to be something else.

Sometimes it is good to just accept something for what it is without needing to weigh and measure it against something else.
KUDOS for this great and very real answer (like)

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