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Smile Re: What makes Aikido unique as a martial art ?

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Perhaps so, but I still don't see how uniqueness is necessarily the outcome of such a process -- or even, that it's a desirable outcome.

Well. I'm no expert on Japanese culture, but I think that the implications and outcomes of "trying one's best" are quite different in Japanese culture than they are in western cultures. In Japan, one doesn't "try one's best" in order to become unique, different, "out of the ordinary", or to be better than others, but simply to do the best that one can do at what one has chosen to do. Rather than striving against others, or with reference to others ("I'm better than him, my art is better than his art"), it's a choice to do the best one can on one's chosen path -- which could be the pursuit of a very ordinary activity (for example, the brewing of tea).
Hi Mary, Im no expert in Japanese culture either.
I believe its possible to discuss and compare anything respectfully without the need to judge or compete.
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