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Re: The Death of Learning

[quote=George S. Ledyard;205349]William,
That is what "upaya" or "expedient means" is all about in Buddhism. I think that Ross is correct in that ones "knowledge" is a trap that keeps one from seeing what else is there to learn. All knowledge is conditional and therefore not true in any final sense.

On the other hand, teaching that way results in students who are hazy, shallow, and attached to the ineffability of the whole thing, and that just results in crappy Aikido.

Hi George,

Glad to see you jumping in on this thread. For the record, I've never been a student of Buddhism, so I really wouldn't know an upaya from a papaya.

In my own philosophy, I see a continuum from data to information to knowledge to experience to wisdom. Each is useful and necessary, and some may be a foundation for others. But to mistake one for the other is... well, a mistake.

I do think that the belief that we know a thing is what stops us from really experiencing. Much like the way lovers stop actually seeing each others' faces after long years. Much like the way someone who is technically proficient at ikkyo may stop experiencing it. In some cases this is "mushin," but in most cases it is just not paying attention to the reality at hand.

In my opinion, that's what makes crappy aikido.

Very much appreciate your contributions.


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