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Re: The Death of Learning

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
I had thought that this is precisely what I was saying... I think we are speaking at cross purposes.

I did not think that I was disagreeing with you in any aspect other than pointing out that the concept of Upaya as it is used in Buddhism allows you and Ross to both be right, always acknowledging that the entire concept of right is conditional as well. (I do not see this as "New Age" in any sense... these concepts have existed for over 2000 years.)
No worries George We're simply having a a little Sutra Randori

I don't know if you're ever experianced Dharma Combat between two Roshis but it is quite a fantastic experiance and I am afraid my "knowledge" is like a candle light in a hurricane....

Call me Irish but I will not give up on keeping that pesky flame alight! LOL

William Hazen
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