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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Michael, I know I'm not Roman but I do agree with his position - there's a big difference between the following two statements -

"I have a TKWD friend who told me he knew someone who..." and
"I know an ex-heavyweight boxer who told me..."

and your own

"I have fought more than one individual at once.."

The first are mere anecdotes with no real way of being measured for their reality (unlike Carls third option which was "It was in the Gazette." which tantalized us with the possibility of third-party corroboration).

With your own post you are in effect acting as the foundation for the truth of the statement which as I'm convinced you're a fine upstanding aikidoka I'm going to accept at face value.

It wasn't so much the fact that multiple attackers can be defeated, but the "evidence" provided which provoked Roman's mirthful response - Roman you horrible little kyu grade, remember humour and martial arts don't mix
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