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Saji Jamakin
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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

I've never had that problem. I am total Aikido. No additives, no supplements, no preservatives. I insist that I learn all my self-defense the aikido way and have been very satisfied.

Perhaps it's because I only have experience with Shodokan, (Tomiki), Aikido.

In my dojo within the first 3 weeks I was thrown into multiple attackers, free style, tanto randori. (That means alternating attacks with fake knives by two attackers for those of you who are unsure). The free style ment any attack was valid -- slashing, overhand stabs, underhand stabs, angles, etc. I did okay. Yes I got stabbed a coulple of the intial attack or by the other attacker when I had successfully subdued the initial attacker. (Very Hhumbling)..

The point is and the point my instructor was trying to make is that my aikido needs to be tested at as near full speed uke and I could safely get. This help me correct my techniques and showed weekness in the application and understanding of a technique ie back to the drawing board.

So, I am quite perplexed by all of the questions about will aikido work in a fight or how come we don't practice at faster speeds because I was doing it within three weeks. We do learn all of our techniques slowly where correct application and smoothness is emphasized but it get's tested weekly.

If the other aikido schools are not testing their aikido then I would question the effectiveness of their techniques also. Why aren't you testing your aikido? Even if you are not doing tournaments like Shodokan Aikido you should still test your aikido. Can you apply that technique under stress? What if your first technique doesn't work?

And oh, that's another soar subject of mine.
I NEVER expect my first technique to work thats why we are taught to feel where ukes Ki is flowing and to change the technique or goto another one. Some of my friends call it a counter some call it a reverse. I guess it's because your reversing your Ki to match ukes. Shomenate is my favotite goto.
I suggest you look into some shodokan schools before leaving but it's your choice. For me; after studing other martial arts, it's all aikido for me no additive or preservative.

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