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Re: Am i missing something??

I've also seen it happen to friends of mine. Actually you paraphrased quite well what they had told me. I too experienced it, but not quite to your extent. My former place of training became the "burn out" for me, the atmosphere that was projected, but never the Aikido itself. I now train with some friends on my own until I move to the area in which another dojo is located. Been doing it only 6 years, but never thought of giving up, and I don't believe you want to either judging from your post. I simply got rid of the source of my mal feelings to enhance my enjoyment of the art itself. I used to beat myself up over missing a single class too, but near the end of my stay at that dojo it didn't bother me anymore. You may just need a break, so take one, then go back and see if it changes. Good Luck Paige, in whatever you do.

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