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Hi all, I'm an italian aikidoka, 2^kyu from a more or less aikikaish dojo (that is:we are unaffiliated, but from what I've seen at seminars aikikai is what we're closer to).

After reading this forum for a while i decided to subscribe to ask for help.

My problem is this: there is a woman in my dojo who's much smaller then me (smallest person in the dojo, actually).
Now, it's my dojo's politics to have everyone train with everyone else, at times, but whenever we're paired she simply refuses to be uke claiming I'm too big and I'd hurt her. No matter how much I say 'fine, we can just go very slowly so as to learn the finer points' or whatever. She just refuses. Please note I'm absolutely not the butcher sort of aikidoka!

This is, obviously, a rather unpleasant situation to me ( and to her too, I suppose) as I don't like being considered as sort of a boogie man, but it seems I can't find a way out!

Any suggestion, please?

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