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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Who knows? Where do I find them?
Do you know?
If you don't, how do you.. know where to look?
You said I should go to Essex to find it in your teacher. Has he read all the reports about MIke, Rob, Ark, Ushiro etc? I have outlined things I can do in a list. You said you can't do them. Have you read these reports to him? Men have traveled from all over to find this stuff. They have gone to certain men from word of mouth-just like you are doing here. They have reported back what they found. You are now telling the world that your teacher is equal to what these men have discovered.
Does he know your telling the world to come test him?

I think the dozens of men and teachers who have felt this stuff and have openly stated they were stumped would love to know they shouldn't waste their time that its already in Aikido, and maybe they can come see your teacher. Or you know where to go for them to find it.
Where Mike?

Another queston
Why haven't you, Eric, or Justin responded or replied to George L.Ron, Mark M., Murray M., Mark C., Rob, Stan, Chris, or any of the other men who have openly stated otherwise? The only thing I have read from you was to cut them up.

I find it quite odd that these things have been discussed as being quite surprising by those IN aikido. That they have been declared highly important and that they are are indeed at the core of Aiki. These men are your own.Yet, they go ignored. Now you come along and tell the whole community by implication to ignore them as well, and to go back to itself and do more kata and do the exercises only found in Aikido.

As for telling folks to ignore CMA or "other sources."
Let me aske one more question
Ueshiba had tremendous power -while- he was treaching Daito ryu.
How'd that happen?
From Aikido?
Ass-backward logic isn't a very good start, Mike.
Neither is an inability to read. Mike Sigman openly stated Ki Aikido was doing good stuff and was a good start. Where did -he- state people should leave and go do CMA?
He didn't.
But consider this.
1. He got his from CMA and research outside Aikido.
2. He has a very good reputation from teachers INSIDE Aikido.
You just reminded everyone Where he got his
and you don't have it


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