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Re: Baseline skillset

There is not one single trustworthy type of evidence for anything. There are reliable conceptual means to compare and test the sense data and give them an objecitve reliable framework and operating vocabulalry about which we can meaningfully talk and make close distinctions -- without incessantly debating the terminology in (at least) three languages.
So we don't know what we see..........
and we can't see what we feel..........
And we can't trust what we felt or see..........
So we don't -know- what we know and see...........

But -you- tell -us- what we and or Ueshiba are doing at length?
That is an example of -your- confusion and lack of knowledge.
Not ours.
Don't drag me into your confusion.

Lets consider
1. Dozens of men have come and felt us. We taught them.
2. In my case many men were shown AND my students
.....Students Eric. Not just me.
What does that make of your model?
a. I know what I do
b. I teach it, and students do it
c. They can show it and teach it

Your aiki web folks have felt it and in some measure had it taught to them and they then did things as well. And no one...not one... mentoned rotational dynamics.

Years are going by and we are making a group of men who now know, Eric. And among the things they know- is that you... do not.
You can't do these things, and you don't know these things. Your writing shows it. Your looooong, overanylized, convoluted, and meandering explanations have not been able to disguise that one simple fact.
Just go learn Eric. Come have fun. You're yakin with a bunch of Budo bums like yourself. I'll show you what I know and we can laugh. You can even try to do me....I'll wear a keikogi and Hakama for the occasion.I just don't have any chaulk boards and calculators in the Dojo.

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