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Re: Birankai in relation to USAF Aikikai


Membership of the IAF is open to national organisations which have Recognition from the Aikikai Hombu.
There are currently some 53 organisations which have Recognition from the Hombu, but not all of these organisations can be members of the IAF.

At present the IAF has a rule that only one organisation from each country may be a member.
It is important to recognise that Recognition by the Aikikai Hombu is quite different from Membership of the IAF."

Quote from the Mr Goldsbury's letter About the IAF march 1 2007.

"I was under the impression that the one representative per country rule had changed. I recall reading something written by Yamada Sensei, that stated that he had lobbied to change the rule for some time and that it was finally being changed. Of course I could be wrong on that point."

I am not sure if Yamada Sensei lobbied for this, but I am sure either it will be in the IAF minutes and/or Mr Goldsbury would know know more about that. I do recall Yamada Sensei pulling the USAF out of the IAF over the dispute of Yamada Sensei being the representative for 2 organizations in the IAF itself. One being the USAF, the other a South American organization.

And my bad Mr Goldsbury is the chairman of the IAF not the President

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