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Douglas Fajardo
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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

QUOTE=Paul Boswell]I do not pretend to be an expert, but there are many more styles out there than listed above, although those are all good styles. I have practiced Aikido and have friends who stuck with it. I have found greater levels of humility, open-mindedness and MUCH greater levels of skill outside of Aikido.[/quote]
jajajajajaja , oh man what are you doing in this site, but I tell you my friend and Iīm total ok whit you that I also have found greater leves of skill such as karate [ Oyama sensei ,funakoshi,Ikeda, real good, as others M A.
But I wonder why people do hate Aikido, I mean thatīs a funny question I never saw same thing like that , you see I love all MA maybe you don beliveme jajajajajajajajaj but is true I also defend Aikido at all cost,maybe they see Aikido too soft too weak anyway peace my friend, I really enjoy this conversation.
wuaho thatīs the way I like, Everybody defend his position , you know who win more wiht all this,.. [MA] jajajajaj
bye DFG
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