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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Michael Gallagher wrote:
Well, he's right on that technical point, because when you're throwing a kick puts that your balance on one leg. Higher kicks (chest or higher) are even worse because they also expose your groin. That's why many systems advocate low kicks. High kicks seem to be good for developing flexibility, coordination, body mechanics, balance, and just having something that looks cool at parties, but for actual combat, low is better. So he has a valid argument, but I don' think that makes kicks "inherently bad," just some points one would have to be aware of about them.
Oh, I'd agree that kicking temporarily weakens your balance - or rather it weakens your ability to deal with attempts to disrupt you balance or to counterattack you in other ways. There are cons to going for a kick. But relatively few kicking arts believe in walking up to the opponent and going straight out for a spinning kick to the head, but rather they use (from what I've seen and experienced) various methods - speed, good balance, timing, setting up a kick with other attacks and so on - to minimize these cons until they're outweighed by the 'pro' ie the possibility of your foot or shin colliding rapidly with a more delicate part of the opponent.

My point was that concluding that kicking is basically martially useless based on having thought about it a bit and decided that the disruption to your balance makes it a bad idea is the sort of thing that tends not to endear (some) aikidoka, or anyone else for that matter, to the martial arts community as a whole...
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