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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Michael Fooks wrote:
.... Would you rather see Aikido grow and flourish, or wither and die out? ....
The Best Aikido books state that the best estimate is that there are 1.5 million pepole practicing AIkido world wide. I've been to three seminars in the past month, all of which drew a pretty good crowd if the mat's "population density" is anything to go by. The Doshu is publishing books and teaching seminars all over the place.

I don't think Aikido is going to "whither and die" anytime soon.

But be that as it may ....

Quote:'ve got to do both sides of the coin - figure out what is good and attractive about it, so you can accentuate that, and figure out what puts people off so that, so long as it doesn't undermine the arts foundation, you can start to weed it out.
Unless it's the "art's foundation" that puts off some of the Internet poster referred to in the first post, then nothing you do will satisfy them. But I doubt internet postings make for reliable scientific samplings anyway.
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