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Re: Correct Feeling

Walter Martindale wrote: View Post
But... What's "correct"? I don't share the other person's nervous system, so I can't know what anyone else is feeling as "correct".

I can experience what it feels like to me when someone who has "correct feeling" does whatever it is they're doing - to me, but I still have to figure out for myself if I'm approximating whatever it is that the other person "feels" as "correct"....
Walter, I can't feel what another person feels yet I know when te interaction between us is as correct as it can be. When I am impatient I can really feel it...can you it when you are?

My uke may seem clunky or stiff or some other way my ego might want to describe them ...yet it is really just me being impatient, again.

Correct feeling can be restored when I accept uke as they are at that moment and blend with what is.

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