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Yes, I've studied other Martial Arts. I began with Wing Chun Kung Fu while in college, studied that for a few years until I transferred to a different college. I was fortunate to study with an international student from China who was also an engineering student. When I transferred to a new college, there were no Wing Chun schools in the area, so my Martial Arts training was put on hold.

After I saved up some money and was able to get a car, I started to look for a Kendo school (always wanted to learn a sword art). The closest one was over 50 miles and the commute (due to the roads) would have taken over an hour and a half. I started to look at other options.

I visited a local Aikido dojo (mainly because they also taught Iaido, another sword art) and became interested in learning the art. That was many years ago. The Aikido dojo I trained at also had classes in Chong Shin Kwan (True Mind / Spirit) Tae Kwon Do. Chong Shin used the kicking techniques of Tae Kwon Do and combined them with the punching and blocking techniques of traditional Shito Ryu Karate. It was a pretty good blend, very well balanced.

I began to take those classes as well, but since my feet work best when on the ground, I decided that the high flying kicking stuff was not for me. The philosophy of Aikido suits me well, and the techniques work best for me.

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