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Re: hold downs?

Originally posted by Axiom
Is there a reason that aikido dojos don't typically teach these techniques? Has anyone here learned judo-style hold downs in their aikido classes?
Question the First.) Ueshiba and Kano came from different ryuha. There were times when they interacted, such as through Saigo Shiro (Daito Ryu/Kodokan) or Tomiki (Aikido/Kodokan). Japan did not have as their motto "E Pluribus Unum", or the belief in the great melting pot, where we can take all different cultures and blend them into some great new, universal ideal. Japan was so distinctly stratified at the time when Judo and Aikido were conceived that they still hold many of the cultural stigma associated with medieval feudalism.
Another reason is that Ueshiba only received kyoju dairi from Daito Ryu and was only allowed to teach certain techniques. Anyone watching any of the Daito Ryu films put out by Stan Pranin cannot help but notice some of the "crazy" (and I say this only with the deepest of respect) pins these guys do. This was the actual ryu (main branch) Aikido developed from, and you don't see many, if any, sensei teaching THOSE pins.
And last but not least, Ueshiba and Kano were contemporaries of a sort. They were both highly respected in their fields, both came from well-off families, and both had backing from the government in one form or the other. If Kano were to defer to Ueshiba or vice versa, what would that say about their great "discoveries" (and they were great). Saigo Shiro left both and became an archer. Tomiki combined both, and today the debate still rages "to compete or not to compete?" Perhaps it is in the Great Melting Pot that something refreshing and vibrant can be found expressing the heart of both these pioneers.
Question the Second.) Yes. My teacher trained strongly in Judo before starting Aikido.

Jim Vance
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