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Originally posted by colinlam
Thanks Greg.
You're very welcome.

Please excuse me for asking stupid questions. How important is weapon training in Aikido? From my understand, Aikido is similar to Judo. Unarmed technique (throwing technique and pinning technique) is the main part. So do Aikidoka use weapon to make counter attack ?
Different dojo/systems/etc. have different attitudes about weapons training.

Some dojo have a 1:1 ratio between weapons training (bukiwaza) and empty hand (taijutsu).

In my dojo, we have two taijutsu classes and one weapons class per week. Sometimes, in the summer (long days) and given nice weather, the taijutsu class is changed to weapons.

Our belief is that our weapons isn't to teach us how to efficiently wield weapons in combat but to teach us important lessons about aikido (distance, timing, ebb and flow, etc.).

Weapons also gives an intensity and focus to training that can be lost in taijutsu.

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