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Re: Examples

To add to the above a quick additional guide: Principles (with associated principles)

Center: acceptance, perception, recognition, understanding.(Stillness and Ki)

Koshi: unconditional reception, giving and completion.(universal love and faith)

Center line: Non-control, non-opposition, non-disturbance.(spirit and Ki)

Hara: Compassion, humility, stillness, one point.(heart and soul )

Kokyu: Be with, share, in communication, oneness.(own love and universal love)


Geometric principles of energy motion and movement: Circles, spirals, lines, curves, triangles.

8 direction paths of non-resistance, 5 'three dimentional' circles, space,

relationship of all the above to techniques and motions.


Operational principles: Be with, let it be, invite, welcome, give to, cut through, complete, accept, perceive (feel), keep 'distance', stay with, keep center, keep one point, zanshin ( extend Ki always), keep own space, let go, flow, harmonize.


Relationship of weapons to techniques and motions: Which principles apply to which weapons.


Ki atsu healing and principles thereof.


Shin Shin Toitsu: Sen no sen etc. Purely spiritual.


Small steps, long journey, principles all the way.

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