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Re: Beginners with delusions of grandeur...

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
I've often experienced this from aikido newbies with previous martial arts experience.

It turns out he has a judo background, he could take good ukemi and catch on to the techniques quickly, so he was jumping to the conclusion that he understood aikido as well as me. He definently understands JUDO better than me but not AIKIDO.
A few months ago in our dojo a man who had a black belt (though I'm not sure what level of it, and I'd prefer not to say which style as I don't wish to form any stereotypes) came along and most of us were quite interested; what would he make of Aikido? Unfortunatly, though he could pick up techniques easily enough he seemed to be there not so much to learn Aikido but to stress what he saw as weaknesses; our dojo practices Tomiki Aikido, so we always have randori at the last half hour or so. Instead of letting techniques flow (practicing just kakari-geiko randori) he would do everything possible to resist them, almost getting injured in the process even though he was told on several occasions, and later in tanto randori he would use alot of his own styles techniques, frequently 'batting' the tanto out of uke's hand. I know of course that not all beginners with other MA experiance are like this, but they can be..hmm.. a challenge at times.
I really do enjoy when people with other MA backgrounds come to practice Aikido, but also speaking as a beginner who also had other MA backgrounds it can be difficult to break free of what you've already learnt and question where certain things would actually work (though I never pointed this out or made any comment; I was there to learn Aikido, not teach another style).

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