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Hi again !

When I Was in Portland last year I noticed

that it wasn't possible to get the kind of rye-bread that we have in Denmark,your version was more like a brown version of white-bread.

But maybe you'll be able to bake it yourself.

What I mean is a bread containing much fiber and kernels (?).

This bread dissolves slowly and steadily and

therefore by eating like 2-3 slices 4 times a day there will a steady bloodsugar development,then if you know in advance that you're going to exercise,you can eat accordingly like 2 hours in advance (rye-bread) and you will know that there is a steady sugar supply instead of going for fruit or candy.

A half hour walk is approximately 2 slices of rye-bread.

Then just before training and after you could

eat some fruit or chokolate.

But I'm very glad to hear that you check your bloodsugar often,that ís the way !!

Some people with type 1 diabetes have psychological problem doing it,because the always feel guilty of not living right and so they check once a week ,that doesn't work !
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