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Re: Training One Thing At A Time

I agree. I try and get my students to work on one thing. I will add different drills and Kata to provide depth and breadth and keep things interesting, but I am really concerned with them learning some very basic things. I believe in constant drilling. I will begin to load on that one thing and layer as they get more comfortable, but will return to the basics until I feel they are doing it as a ingrained act.

I don't think you can train mushin is a byproduct of the physical process. As you commit things to muscle memory, you no longer have to think about them, things slow down and you can begin to relax.

I think there is a drive to get there fast and to feed our students to keep them interested. However, until the can perfect the basics, they will always be at a disadvantage and cannot grow.

I spend time on making them go soft, deliberate and slow...connecting the breathing to the movement. It is hard for them to do this as you know. I think they are afraid of the void and the awkward moments when they have time and feel a compelling call to fill that with something. It is hard to not think ahead, to only be in the moment, and have confidence that things will unfold and you will have the right answer when u need it.

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