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Michael Hackett
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Re: Injury and Responsibility

When my knee "blew up" my partner was attacking forcefully with a very strong yokomenuchi strike. If I didn't enter and blend he would take my head off - just as I wanted him to. I collapsed, thinking I slipped and got right back up. He was concerned, but I assured everything was fine and asked him to attack again. He did, and I had exactly the same result, except now I hurt badly. He felt terrible about it, but he had no responsibility for my injury, and in this case, neither did I. We were just training and the meniscus chose that moment to tear. Sometimes injuries happen without carelessness and disregard. We play in a rough sandbox and sometimes we end up with a mouth full of sand. As long as our partners aren't trying to injure us or being foolish, it is just an unfortunate event and playing the blame game serves no purpose.

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