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Re: Don’t waste your time practicing AIKIDO

To any doubters of the effectiveness of Aikido -

I have been studying Aikido for a year, but in a street confrontation it still would not be my first choice or instinct. I would (and have) revert quickly to what I learned from the martial arts I practiced in the past (BJJ, Muay Thai, Kali). However it is certainly not for lack of effectiveness of my current training style. Many (most) other martial arts were invented for a specific reason. It was either for sport, to face a military or other oppressive onslaught, or for general self defense. Each needed to make the practitioner into an effective fighter as soon as possible to achieve the desired end. Aikido will achieve the same ends but with more compassion and grace than most. The difference is that it is not immediately available to the student. Only after years of study, philosophy, breathing and stretching are we able to time a response to an attack such that the attacker will be quickly dispatched or controlled at our choosing.

The bottom line is this: Anyone can learn to throw a decent punch or kick in an afternoon and then continue to learn more and refine him/herself for years, but what do you think will happen if that person attacked your sensei?
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