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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
If Aikido doesn't have attacks, what the hell have I been doing as Uke?

That's something that really annoys me. People say that Aikido doesn't have attacks. However, we practice them all the time as Uke. Even as Sh'te/Nage we have attacks--I know atleast a half-dozen strikes from performing techniques.

Thing is, we're smart enough to recognize that attacking makes you susceptible to counter-attack and thus, weaker.
Not only that, but I've seen my share of joint locks and throws in Filipino Kali, some not too different from what we do in Aikido, and they are never characterized as "defensive." A Jun Fan/JKD person might categorize the controls and pins as an "immobilization attack," one of the five major ways to attack somebody, esepcially if nage, not uke, initiates the action.

So the idea that Aikido is defensive because you don't pound on your partner hasn't quite sat well with me lately.
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