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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Jo Adell wrote:
However. David, Bridget was making a completely Subjective statement. You even quoted it! She does not make a sweeping generalisation, she was relating from Her direct experience, and you tried to contradict it with your own.
Both of your experiences are valid. Neither right nor wrong. Just your own.
Thanks for the back-up Jo

May I point out (if it ain't already obvious) my experience of martial arts is relatively limited. And I'm aware that any opinions I have of an art, at the end of the day are only because of the people I have trained with. Hence I think aikido people are open minded and thoughtful (like the guys at my dojo). But it would seem other aiki clubs have knuckleheads too, just like that tae kwon do club I once dedicated months to. Oh, oops hang on that's hardly fair

I'm obviously just lucky.
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