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David Yap
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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Peter Rehse wrote:
Of course we are - you guys are just soooooo easy.

We should all read Phil's Field Guide to Trolls.

I don't think too much of Phil's opinions but credit where credit's due - its a job well done.
Thanks for the link, Peter. There are so many classifications that can fit any one of us here. Jun, the owner, is excluded for course.

Jo Adell wrote:
However. David, Bridget was making a completely Subjective statement. You even quoted it! She does not make a sweeping generalization, she was relating from Her direct experience, and you tried to contradict it with your own.
Jo, I assumed she has made a "Hasty" generalization. I merely attempt to show people who do x-training are more "opened-minded" compared to those who train solely one art which I agree is a "subjective statement".


David Y

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