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Re: Don't waste your time practicing AIKIDO

Ian Dodkins wrote:
...although it is maybe not as satisfying as destroying someone with punches or kicks; it is much more effective for conflict resolution and in my experience....
I think this is a really good observation. The satisfaction you feel when you hit/kick something when you are angry (I'm pretty sure everyone has done this to something) is easily translated into the satisfaction you expect to feel when hitting/kicking in training. When you watch a demo of a MA that does that you can relate to it. It's hard to relate to the satisfaction of smoothly executing a controlled move that you see in a demo and only experience will give you that satisfaction. Those that only watch Aikido are destined to never understand the satisfaction of those that practice.

Peter...great story. I had never thought about it like that, but it seems to follow from our training. Thanks.


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