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Re: Are you invincible if you possess Aiki?

Ahh so, if we are talking purely of the physical and more definitive aiki as mentioned. What are the tangible effects of having it versus not? How can you feel this in someones aikido? Alec, you mention it is for developing whole body strength, but when we train are not the techniques related to redirection of force? Ultimately with good technique strength should not be a factor, so how does it benefit the aikidoka to have this talent refined? I have heard also that some people naturally "possess" this ability (or not) more than others, so is it not quite difficult to teach? Strength, stability, redirection, all seemed as learned and honed abilities that I can't see much definitive connotation with necessarily coming from aiki teachings if they can be acquired without.

Also a generous offer, if I am ever in the neighbourhood I may take you up on that .

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