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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Parsing ai ki do

Hi Eric,

I guess my peeve is from the desire to see flights of fancy (all well and good) acknowledge themselves as that. Instead of continuing on without acknowledging that they are indeed that, and not based on an accurate reading of the facts. One example might be the continued disagreement with Josh and Peter, in the face of the facts they present. This is not the first time this has occurred.

Another might be this:

As we are aiki-doka (did I just say that?, shame on me). we are living songs in a way of natural harmony. Or has that word been used before?
Which flies in the face of this thread:

Another example would be in the blackbelt = white belt turning black thread around here somewhere. In fact, I'm sure people can find a few posts of mine where these same types of mistakes are made...but hopefully I acknowledge my error, made note of the difference between what my emotions connect to, and the actual facts.

It is this continued obstinence in the face of all evidence that peeves me so.


Ron Tisdale
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