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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Parsing ai ki do

This thread highlights something that really annoys me on aikido boards sometimes. We have people who insist on knowing more than they do, and using pedantic sounding language to bolster their personal perspectives...while ignoring more learned posters who obviously have their facts straight.

Thus we end up with misunderstandings being spread...incorrect facts based on partial knowledge and the assumptions made from them. We find puns where there are none...miss puns that are there...leave practicality behind in lofty flights of fancy...and are generally brought down to a rather low level of discourse, even though it sounds quite nice.

Too bad that too often extends to our aikido on the mat as well.

I remember in college, I was a little miffed that the poetry club didn't deem some of my work fit to be published in their magazine. So I wrote a computer program based on random selection from a grammatical tree structure to produce poetry reminicient of e.e. cummings. They were all over it Loved it. Wanted to publish it...right up until the time I saw fit to stop them making fools of themselves. That poetry had no meaning either, Peter. I found that funny as hell.

My poetry still sucked, of course.


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