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Re: Parsing ai ki do

"While the word aiki is an old one, the aiki of which I speak is fundamentally different."

Doesn't this kinda stop the 'it's an old word' fall back in this conversation? O'Sensei said this and I don't have any reason not to believe he meant it at face value. It takes all the vintage argument away ( sorry intellectuals) and says 'mine is fundamentally different." Our aim is to discover how and what as aikido evolves in our hands, our mouths, our bodies and our lifetimes.
And like Eric Mead I also flow into the poetics of this art in language and in use. Like language, aikido is living. We steer the meaning through our associations and usage. As we are aiki-doka (did I just say that?, shame on me). we are living songs in a way of natural harmony. Or has that word been used before?
In a practical sense you could call this art ' running shoes' and if you practiced the forms as they stand, you would still change. Just probably not into running shoes.


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