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Re: IS/IP Styles and results comparisons

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Perhaps I should have worded it differently. Anyone here cross train in different IS/IP training? If so what incites have you gained from each teaching methodology?
I started working out with guys who had seen Mike, Ark and some CMA guys several times and had been at it for a few years before me. I also went to one of Mike's workshops and saw Toby Threadgill at a seminar.

IMO, they all have the same goal. That is, to build a relaxed, connected body that moves from the center and draws strength from the ground, gravity and intent. They all have different methodologies, terminology, exercises and tactical perspectives to get you to build that conditioning into your body and then use/maintain it in motion. One may focus more or less on one aspect or stress one aspect over another at the early levels, but again, I think the similarities outweigh the differences and once you start feeling some of those things in your body that becomes pretty obvious, but the trick is really putting in the time to get that foot in the door so you're feeling these things on your own and not just doing exercises.

I was initially shown some basic jin stuff that came from Mike, a bunch of aunkai exercises and some CMA things. I alternated between then regularly, but never felt like I was getting anywhere, never really felt anything different in me. It was a little frustrating, but I was eventually advised to just focus on one thing, so I focused on basic jin and worked it pretty consistently for several weeks until I started noticing my body reacting differently to these forces and it just felt different. I still continued to work on that one aspect for a good while, but eventually started adding in things that were obviously different from what I was doing. Things that focused on that relaxed connection in me and I did those things pretty heavily, in addition to the previous stuff, until I could feel that aspect consistently too. Now I go back and look at those aunkai exercises or some of the cma stuff and it makes sense to me now. I see the point and can do them and feel a lot of the things that I was instructed to try and feel while doing them before. I still have aspects that I haven't incorporated heavily yet and haven't focused on and still loads of progress to make on the conditioning side of things across the board, but I'm enjoying the work and the progress and will continue to get out and see anyone I can.

That progression has worked for me, but I think it's different for everyone. That's why some people like one method over another. Our bodies don't always speak the same language and one persons descriptions for your bodies feelings may not mesh with how you describe them to yourself. So I think it's a good idea to see as many people as you can until something clicks for you, but also pick things to focus on and work on them consistently and don't jump between this or that waiting for something to happen. Once you start feeling things yourself, go get with people who are better than you and get some confirmation on that and just keep working.
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