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Re: Is AIKI a regular occurance in professional fights?

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
Just to throw this out to someone,
in MMA events, i.e. UFC, professional fights of this nature, is the body skill displayed in any of the fighters, or do they rely on the training of musculature and techniques etc

Just wondering really if this has been utilised to any degree


I don't know about MMA and aiki, but I saw something amazing in a karate fight about 30 years ago.

It was a kyokushin (Mas Oyama--the bull-killer) knock-down/knock-out bare-knuckle fight between black belts. One guy threw a frightening round kick toward the other's temple. The opponent simply bobbed a couple of inches and the foot passed just above his hair. And it kept going, and the kicker's other leg came off the floor and his body continued the torque of the round kick and flipped over as he flew past the opponent and landed on his back about four feet beyond him.

It looked like aiki to me on the part of the opponent. It's close to what we used to call the "aiki-drop" where you bow in front of the attacker and he goes over in a no-touch throw.

Other than something like that, in modern MMA, look for Ric Ellis. His father is Henry Ellis, one of the pioneers of aikido and judo in England. Ric's a cage fighter. You might check out some of his clips via Google...


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