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Re: Sagawa's Aiki

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
I've been paying close attention to this topic the last few months, and it is starting to sink in that it is something that I need to learn.
I certainly agree--not only for Martial Arts, but for life, itself.

Michael Crowell wrote: View Post
David, is there any mention in the book about specifics of Sagawa's solo training methods and how he incorporates that into paired kata?
No, there's not. The book is just hints about that kind of thing. He never explicitly showed his routines (unless maybe Kimura learned some of them, but if he did, he's not saying). And then, I get the sense that his group had no paired kata training. It was all technique practice based first on learning aiki age, then many, many techniques. But the real aim is to develop the body aiki, as Dan calls it. Then the techniques are much less important--until you meet up with someone whose body skills match your own.


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