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Hello George
As a group we are past "the discussion." but look at just the recent comment by Mr. Crowell. This gentlemen is "starting" to get the point....
Sometimes we get tired (okay feel like falling asleep) when others are just catching up.
My comments to David were to David! The books topics and main themes proved interesting for a few of us older guys who have had many off-line discussions about the on-line debates particularly involving DR in reagrds to aiki waza, aiki as a skill in the body and its use in freestyle. I didn't intend that portion of the post for anyone but David.

I would agree on most of your other points.
Sagawa was not only isolated I think that very isolation caused him to miss other excellent training. How good he was, in the end will remain a moot point as it cannot be proved due to his own isolation. Then again since he was so damn good it's fascinating to wonder where he stacked up.
I think it is clear the for the most part, he didn't care either. He wasn't writing about it, nor was he out demonstrating.
Now, that part -I- found inspirational was that he was wholly vested in his work and was doggedly determined to carry it forward, experiment an get outside of the waza. THat speaks to me as it echos my won search. THere are many reasons I might enjoy the read where others would not.
But, had he shared and got out more he might have a) found methods to shorten his search, b) found something completely different that in the end he might have adopted and loved.
And there are several obvious and hidden negatives all throughout the book.

As for methods.
I would not agree that all methods are for Aikido, or Japanese style weapons. Nor are all aproaches even to agreed upon and common goals-equal. But, that's not going to be successfully hashed-out on the net. There's plenty of time and plenty of people out experimenting.

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