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Re: Sagawa's Aiki

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
David, that seems like a clear description of hua jin (neutralizing jin) to me... which, as you know, is an aspect of the one jin.
Yes, it does. Too bad I don't know how to do jin, though.

David Orange wrote:

"a discussion of a very unique approach to aiki and how to develop and use it."

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
Unique how?
I've just never known anyone in aikido to describe aiki as a literal power that goes from nage into uke. I've always heard it described as more like a "condition" that results from moving harmoniously with the other guy.

As Sagawa describes it (and as was said of Horikawa), aiki is a power that you inject into the other person's nervous system even without any physical motion at all.

I find that pretty unique, though as you say, it seems consistent with CMA use of jin.



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