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Re: Finding our own way in and out of Aikido

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Maybe this will help:
O'Sensei in italics; my reflections in reg.

When anybody asks if my Aiki budo principles are taken from religion, I say, ``No.'' My true budo principles enlighten religions and lead them to completion.-
Christian beliefs included. In fact, in my perspective, it allows us to put into action our christ consciousness and to realize that there is in fact only one god/love and divine source that is functioning in every one of gods creations. What people call them, in the grand scale, are simply nicknames.

The source of Bu is divine love. It is the spirit of love and protection for all things. The training of Budo is the forging in our minds and bodies the power of divine love, which produces, protects, and nurtures all things in the Universe(god's creation). The techniques of budo are signposts pointing the way which leads to this.-Divine love being the embodiment of god aka...christlike being.

Aikido is love. You make this great love of the universe(god's creation) your heart, and then you must make your own mission the protection and love of all things. To accomplish this mission must be the true budo.
-Onward Christian Soldier!

I find that aiki brings together a connection between my spirit and my action. Which helps me with the reading of 'Don't you know that faith without works is dead?'

Anyhow, keep your heart open to practice and toss out that which does not serve you.

Peace my Brother!

I see where you are coming from, and I would like to share my view.

As you know- the way of Jesus, and the way of God isn't Aikido. O'Sensei wasn't Christian, or Jew. Christian religion has strict laws, and a bible to guide, far more complicated then Aikido. Aikido isn't or shouldn't be a Christian sect, and devote Christians should have an issue with Aikido. Just because of a seemingly similar word in Aikido, doesn't make all things in Aikido acceptable to Christians. For, example, the Shinto elements in the dojo and in O'Sensei's writings, the devotedness to O'Sensei that is in the dojo, the spiritualism, etc. all conflict with Christianity.

Some of us are more secular Christians or are different denominations who have no problems with Aikido. But in this case, we should respect other's concerns who do have an issue with Aikido, and not try to tweak Aikido to look like Christianity, or otherwise be persuasive. If a Christian has an issue with Aikido we should respect it. Shouldn't we? It makes everyone happy that way.

And btw, O'Sensei's message when told to the world was around a thousand years too late. Christ beat him to it, anyway. I think Christianity is a better religion then Aikido. anyway. Aikido is a great martial art with it's own Japanese spiritual composition and complexity.
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