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Re: Finding our own way in and out of Aikido


Ya got to do what ya gotta do. There is no need to put Aikido before God. Aikido isn't going to get you into heaven. It isn't going to save your soul. It is a path far different than Aikido. I am thinking the path of Aikido is more of a social ideal bottled in a reflective martial art. You practice Aikido to understand the ideals of a better, less violent, world.

Yea, there is Shinto in Aikido and O'Sensei's views like all Japanese. But, those deities in terms of Shinto in general are about spirits that in their complexity aren't similar to the worship of one God, or the gods (Roman, Egyptian, etc.) that conflict with God. Never the less, a Christian individual can feel there is conflict depending on their faith etc.and how they worship. It then would be best for them to walk away from Aikido. Cause, Aikido isn't going to save your soul, or get you into heaven.

Good luck.
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