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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Jennifer Smith wrote: View Post
I believe that all of these methods were and are inspired of Nature. That is a source larger than any person, yet can help to explain why so many people from so many traditions from such distant lands have come up with the same 'stuff'. I don't really care 'who' or 'what' as it is most important to engage the 'how'. So, yeah, offer up your methods so that others may benefit from your practice.
Its just my opinoin, but I'd advise against throwing out the kind of examples you used Jennifer.
Sure some of the practices are inspired in part by "nature" and observing it.

However, there's a huge amount of analysis and observation thrown into the mix. To be blunt, anyone that I've met that's *really* good didn't get better by simply shutting their eyes, relax, wave their arms around and use self hypnosis to get better.

Constant analysis and thinking about how this stuff works is a requirement, just like any other subject.

The relax and let it come approach is, taking someone else's words "the slow boat to china"

If that's not what you meant I apologize though. I just had to throw that out there.

My two cents.

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