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Mike Sigman
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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Judging by your replies to me regarding stretching in the silk reeling posts as well as the information you offered in the breath thread. You either have a ways to go yet, or you're holding back information...gee what a surprise that would be huh? Why...then you would be doing what you're accusing me of. Say it ain't so.....we both know it's so.
Dan, I have the record of answering questions from others straight out. If you want to make an issue of who knows what, you're going to have to answer questions or ask intelligent ones that show you know what you're talking about.. the same questions I've asked point blank and you've been unable to answer. Remember though that you've made other comments that show what you know.

So let's not play silly games, please. If you want to play, you can't bet mystery money. The problem isn't me... I've been straight out with answers, drawings, and descriptions. The problem is that you want to pretend that you're holding four aces.

Back to those questions... they've built up quite a bit. No matter what you know, I know, or anybody knows, nobody knows it all. If the guys who don't have any ki or kokyu skills can wind up ultimately having to face it, the guy with a few ki and kokyu skills will also face someone who knows more. That guy in turn will face someone who knows more, and so on. Once people start playing like they already know everything (and this includes all of us), we immediately begin to set up our on embarrassment. My suggestion... quit playing martial role games and stick to the issue alone.


Mike Sigman
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