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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Me and my cohorts? I have cohorts here?

I wasn't confused. I chose to answer and address your sarcasm toward me and specifically ignore the other points.
You actually, almost got through an entire post to me without a smartass remark, congratulations.
Judging by your replies to me regarding stretching in the silk reeling posts as well as the information you offered in the breath thread. You either have a ways to go yet, or you're holding back information...gee what a surprise that would be huh? Why...then you would be doing what you're accusing me of.
Say it ain't so.....we both know it's so.

Thanks for the description and stated goals of the Qjing list. I already know all about it. I can only hope it's an improvement over the Neijia list. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I truly hope it accomplishes all your goals,
I don't want to keep doing this. Its off topic
And I see no point in P.M's.
See ya

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