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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrityand

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Lastly, again, for the umpteenth time... let's see your solid knowledge about the breathing techniques, as I've requested in the last several posts. The "big boys" don't go silent when asked for specifics, Dan.
While I simply cannot imagine talking to someone like you do, I will offer that actually, Mike the "real" big boys, not some amatuers on a forum, always have witheld their knoweldge. Which has been the source of the problem for so long.
I do enough. I show enough. Where it counts. up close and personal. Since it can't be learned here and is difficult enough to learn in person -whats the point really?

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Someone on the QiJin forum recently brought up your name as someone who they'd like to see post on that forum.
No thank you. I'm sure I have nothing to contribute. Anyone who thinks I do is most likely mistaken.

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You'll find suddenly that you understand why my "posting style" follows a certain pattern./QUOTE]
Mike Sigman
Actually I think I never will. I don't think like you, nor do I want to. We're just different in our approach to people. Due to that our attempts at communicating here become irrelevant bandwidth.
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