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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrityand

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The big boys forums?
Wait this where ..I... cry foul, that you're getting personal like you continually do after throwing out these off-hand little digs to people.
Yeah, well, you may not realize that there are established formats of discussion and that many discussion groups have relied for centuries on them, but that's what I call the big boys' forums. The grownup forums where rules of debate and proof are adhered to, rather than pseudo-martial-protocols where suddenly debate is avoided by discussion of "secrets", "I don't like your posting style" (without considering how sickening one's own posting style is), and "I deserve respect because I make some appeal to authority", and so on. If you're unaware of the difference, please don't argue with me about it... go find out about it because I assure you that's more the norm than the "posting style" of many people on so-called martial-arts forums.
My point about your posting history of this topic is valid.
Really? I know this will go the way of other demands for sources in the past, but can you show me an example, for once, rather than just arguing by assertion? That's how the "big boys" do it, Dan.
My posts about Ueshiba and Takeda are complete enough to be understood. While you have a workable knowledge in others areas, your rebuttals about this topic lack any real substance and demonstrate that you simply don't know the subject well enough.
Great. So, SECOND REQUEST FOR SOURCE: How do you know for sure that Ueshiba learned those breathing techniques from Takeda? Back it up, since you "know the subject well enough".

Lastly, again, for the umpteenth time... let's see your solid knowledge about the breathing techniques, as I've requested in the last several posts. The "big boys" don't go silent when asked for specifics, Dan. Nor do they suddenly pull their posts, and so on. Nor do they immediately shift the discussion to someone's personality. A lot of the discussion about "digs" and "posting style" have nothing to do with legitimate conversation, but more about someone not playing martial role-play games with *some* of the other posters. Best way to avoid all the friction? Discuss within a defined framework. The recognized framework is the "big boys" rules for discussion, which are the basis for any legitimate forum in English-speaking formats.

Someone on the QiJin forum recently brought up your name as someone who they'd like to see post on that forum. I asked them what you'd ever explained on any other forum in terms of "how to" and so forth. The point being that making assertions, avoiding answers to direct questions, pulling your posts, and claiming "secrets" as a reason not to answer questions would simply cause legitimate posters with legitimate knowledge to get irritated. You cry "foul"? On what grounds? If you have a factual and legitimate beef, backed up by quoted sources and examples, put it out there. You'll find suddenly that you understand why my "posting style" follows a certain pattern.


Mike Sigman
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