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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

I believe that all of these methods were and are inspired of Nature. That is a source larger than any person, yet can help to explain why so many people from so many traditions from such distant lands have come up with the same 'stuff'. I don't really care 'who' or 'what' as it is most important to engage the 'how'. So, yeah, offer up your methods so that others may benefit from your practice.

Some of my practices in this area are personal and unusual. For example, just stand on the beach, if you've got one, with your knees bent and face toward the ocean and breathe. And monitor the change in your own physiology. I get heavy and I relax and I feel like the wave moving through me. When I practice on the mat I use the powers of recall to put me back in this state and I draw others into this state with me.

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