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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

The big boys forums?
Wait this where ..I... cry foul, that you're getting personal like you continually do after throwing out these off-hand little digs to people.
You read like a kid in need trying to get a seat at the grown-ups table What was that you said to Rob "You'll spank them in their bums, while Rob dangles the carrots? I think that speaks for itself, without any commentary from me.

My point about your posting history of this topic is valid.
My posts about Ueshiba and Takeda are complete enough to be understood. While you have a workable knowledge in others areas, your rebuttals about this topic lack any real substance and demonstrate that you simply don't know the subject well enough. I advocate both for Ueshiba and/or for Takeda as the subject warrants, with the intent that they are both looked at. Your agreement or ability to see that is not required.

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