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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Why? Becaue you seem compulsively intent on bringing up Tohei and Ueshiba and just about NEVER talking about Takeda.
There is a history of Westerners being lied to and seeing an attempt at eliminating the connection of Daito ryu to Aikido. I've not forgotten it. To me much of your writing is more of the same on any other day. I think we need to be-truly- bypartison and all emcompassing. I am attempting to be more inclusive-not less.
If I took the entire summation of your writing here, thousands of posts, you may have a handful- I doubt even that-that mentions any, connection of internal skills from Takeda to Ueshiba.
I personally find it interesting in that any man who was alive then stated clearly and bluntly that Takeda's skills were superior-even though they didn't like him. There are other stories of men who trained with Sagawa or Kodo and Ueshiba. They just are not known. They found the DR guys internal skills superior as well. So it seems comical to be stressing the skills of a lessor light in a lineage of giants.
So no big deal, But its why I keep bringing it up.

If you want to suggest "Let old men be"
Then start with yourself instead of nitpick on me.

So someone said somwhere something about maybe Tohei learned this from Ueshiba.....and you quote it. Why
are you compulsive about brining up Tohei and Ueshiba?
OK. Fine by me then. Let your knowledge of the connection stop there. I won't argue. It doesn't really matter any more anyway
OK, let's try and do it like we do on the big-boys' forums, then. You made a flat assertion that Ueshiba learned those qigongs/breathing-methods from Takeda. How do you know that? Source? Where do you think I learned about them... Takeda? There are other sources and Ueshiba certainly studied around.

I completely knew from Aikido books about Takeda Sokaku long before you ever came around trying to set the record straight, so the idea that no credit is given to Takeda is simply wrong.

Thirdly, what is your connection with Daito Ryu that you have such a compelling concern about Takeda? You didn't study with Takeda and no one seems to know who you've ever spent much time studying with. How about explaining why you're so interested in this one aspect of correcting Aikido people on the antecedents?

Lastly, back on topic... once again I have asked if you can contribute facts about exactly how to do something. In the past, you've consistently gone quiet when asked if you knew specifically how to do something. How about a meaningful response? After all, none of this part is "secret" and you've indicated that you can teach "advanced".


Mike Sigman
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