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Mike Sigman
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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Howard Chan wrote: View Post
Thanks Mike. Aha, is it this one? Damn and blast, I have the brand new version of the book which revised this exercise out of it.
Damn and blast is correct and succinct. Those exercises should be taught (fully and correctly; Tohei's version/description is almost wilfully incomplete, IMO) in every Aikido class. If they were good enough for O-Sensei's strength and health, they should pass muster for Aikido students, I'd think.
I'm also going to try the exercise you suggested in post 2 of this really excellent thread. I'm finding I can feel the pressure more strongly with this exercise than the Ki society exercises.
Yeah, but...... once you understand that feeling, you'll be able to maximize what is supposed to be done in the exercises in the Tohei book. The principle is the same. There's an ancient Japanese post about Misogi being the way of concentrating the ki/breath behind the navel that I put up once on AikiWeb to see if anyone caught it. My description in that post #2 was how to do exactly that, but I'm not sure many people caught that, either.


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