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Re: Understanding fascia and tensegrity

Howard Chan wrote: View Post
Could you tell me which exercise, in which edition of this book? Is it a breathing exercise? Much thanks!
I forget, but I think someone said that these 2 are not in every printing of the book. The version I have is a seventh printing and it's the first 2 breathing exercises in chapter 7.... one in seiza and the other in standing.

Incidentally, I just remembered something about "Anatomy Trains" that I noticed when I read the book. The author pretty much lays out these "paths" of fascia without saying how he arrived at the idea of the paths, but it looks pretty obvious that he simply borrowed the ancient muscle-tendon pathways (the precursors to the acupuncture meridians). The muscle-tendon channels can hook up in different combinations and that's seen in Mantak Chia's book in the drawings of the standing postures.


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