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Re: Heart Sutra

I am replying now because I plan to be at a seminar most of the weekend.
Erick Mead wrote:
Since Prof. Heisenberg observed much the same to hold true within the objective universe, and we seem to manage that fundamental uncertainty well enough, why should the realm of subjectivity be any different?
Would you expand on this? Heisenberg could not observe an object without subjecting the object to a change of some sort. He could not make objective observations, because his act of observing created what he observed.

I'm just missing a connection here to your statements on (a) the objective universe, (b) realm of subjectivity, and (c) how it relates back to the original topic. Is it to say that people should not be held to objective standards because they can perceive, and that ability is to perceive is subjectively hampered by their frames of reference? Though, we fail to perceive when we hold people to standards of objectivity, instead of allowing for the inherently subjective nature of their perception?


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